Custom Wedding And Engagement Rings From Around The World

We not only create our own beautiful custom creations, but we also work with several talented companies in offering you as many design options as possible. This allows us to help you get that perfect ring, or pendant, or pair of earrings that you absolutely desire.


Gabriel & Co. out of New York are a fine dealer of beautiful jewelry with a strong emphasis on vintage design blended with modern style. They literally have thousands of designer styles to choose from. Most of their lovely engagement rings have a wedding band already specially designed to fit flush up against it. Browse their website, and once you've found a style you love, give us a call and we can order that ring in for you.


Lashbrook Designs is the premiere Alternative Metal jewelry company in the United States. They have a wide and gorgeous assortment of Men's rings. These computer-designed and carefully crafted rings are made from a wide variety of metals like Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, and Zirconium, with elaborate and wonderful inlays of anything from gold to wood to meteorite!


Hugo Kohl has thousands of casting molds that are 100 to 200 years old. These are true classic designs by artists and craftsman from days past. Hugo Kohl uses these molds to cast new rings which can be set with any type of stone. He has hundreds of designs that compliment many styles and shapes of stones.


Stuller Inc. creates some of the finest pieces of jewelry. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, this company is a staple of many jewelry business around the world, providing not only finished jewelry, but parts and components that allow us to create a piece of jewelry for you faster and inexpensively.

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