Selling Gold Jewelry?

Jack Miller Jewelry Designers has been happily serving the We Buy Gold Jewelry
Colorado Springs area for 40 years. It is surprising, however, that
people are still unaware that we do buy gold, silver, and platinum jewelry! Jack Miller would love to buy your old and unwanted jewelry. We buy anything from gold scrap to unique pieces you wish to part with. We pay premium prices on premium goods such antique jewelry and higher end, finer jewelry.


Not only do we buy gold, silver, and platinum, but we also buy diamonds and gems as well. We are always willing to buy diamonds of any shape, and all varieties of colored gemstones, from rubies to emeralds to sapphires, and beyond. Any diamonds or gemstones Jack buys, he does so for the purpose of using them to create jewelry for our wonderful customers, so be aware that we only buy diamonds and colored gemstones of good quality.

Jack Miller will be happy to buy your old gold!


Jack Miller has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 1979. His focus is on creating a small, trustworthy business with a comfortable atmosphere. Jack is dedicated to giving you an honest and fair evaluation of your jewelry and will strive hard to give you the best price of any gold buyer in Colorado Springs. And if he cannot help you, he can point you in the right direction toward people who can.


Calling ahead is advised in order to ensure Jack is available to meet with you. Please call today to setup an appointment at

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