Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Most diamonds in the princess cut diamond engagement ring feature 76 facets, with the angular-cut stone designed to provide the best possible fire and brilliance in its class. The simple, clean lines, as well as the extra facets of a princess cut diamond make this engagement ring sparkle with a brilliance rarely matched by other cuts.

These unique features make the princess cut diamond engagement ring one of the most popular engagement ring designs.

A Simple And Classic Engagement Ring Design

Leaving the stone aside, a princess cut diamond engagement ring features a simple and classic design. Unlike many other modern engagement rings that boast lots of adornments and additional stones, the princess cut solitaire ring drives the entire attention of the viewer directly to the diamond. It may be a basic way of presenting a diamond, but this doesn’t make it less amazing.

Although there are many other types of embedded rings available, these classic solitaires remain on top of the preferences of many people. Women prefer this type of setting, because they can be sure it’s never going to go out of style. A classic is always going to be beautiful, therefore these diamond rings can be considered to be true heirloom pieces.

Get Creative With Your Design

Even though a princess cut solitaire engagement ring is extremely simple, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative when it comes to styling yours. You can always choose a colored diamond or even another precious gemstone, if you prefer. You can choose a ruby or a sapphire instead of a diamond. Everything is possible, from choosing your favorite gemstone to choosing the type of metal you’d like to have. You can have your ring made from yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver, as your choice of metal matches the gemstone.

Getting a princess cut solitaire ring may be a better option for some folks than a three stone ring with smaller diamonds. A larger diamond often makes a much better investment. And the larger single diamond makes the ring appear bigger and a lot more expensive, without compromising on elegance.

Let the designers at Jack Miller Jewelry Designers show you how we can design a princess cut diamond engagement ring just for you!

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