Sizing rings is one of the most common types of jewelry repair we do. Whether your ring was a gift where the well-meaning giver guessed at your finger size, or you’ve simply outgrown a ring you’ve owned for some time, sizing is the best fit to maintaining value of the ring and preventing the risk of loss.

Jack Miller Jewelry Designs offers ring sizing for platinum, gold, and silver rings. We offer alternative methods for other metals that cannot be resized. This includes metals like titanium, tungsten, Damascus steel, and stainless steel. Our ring sizing services offer traditional resizing and additional options for the perfect fit.

What you can expect:

Upon inspection, we will give you an honest assessment of what type of resizing will help maintain the value of your ring.

ring resizing colorado springsTraditional Resizing

The process of sizing a ring, whether it is going up or down, requires the ring be cut and soldered back together.  The torches we use to solder need to get up to high temperatures to melt the solder and fuse the metal seamlessly back together again.  Stones like diamonds and sapphires can withstand this heat.

Putting heat on some gemstones can cause them to fracture and char. So, depending on the design and type of stone in your ring, it may be required to remove the stones first, size your ring, and then reset the stones after. Rings that have diamonds or gemstones running down the sides of the band can only be sized so much before it begins to compromise the integrity of the settings holding the stones. You will be told if this is necessary when we inspect your ring.

Alternative Resizing

Alternative ring resizing allows you tighten the fit of your ring without effecting the integrity of the design. It is also the only way to resize certain metals. This is also the way to adjust rings when it is tight to fit around the knuckle but sits loosely on your finger.

Temporary Sizers

Sometimes a ring cannot be sized, or you may feel it’s not something you want done at this time.  There is a short term fix in temporary ring sizers, or ring guards.  These are small strips of yellow or white gold-plated metal that simply wrap around the   shank and stretches across the bottom, creating a tighter fit.  This, of course, only works if the ring is too big.

Slip on Ring Guard- Having knuckles that are bigger than your actual ring size can present a dilemma in finding the right fit for a ring to be able to smoothly glide over the knuckle and sit comfortably at the base of the finger without spinning.  This can be a huge problem with top-heavy rings.  Thankfully, there are two options that can help with that problem.

Speed Bumps – “Speed Bumps” are bumps or beads of metal placed usually on the bottom shank of the ring.  The wider ring allows for slipping over the knuckle, while the bumps help keep the ring upright once it is sitting at the base of your finger.

Butterfly Springs – or “U Springs” are pieces of thin 14k white gold sheet metal bent into the shape of a “U” and soldered to the bottom of the shank.  The gold sheet is flexible enough to bend while slipping over the knuckle, then the springs bounce back into place to hold the ring upright around the base of your finger.

If you’re in need of ring resizing, contact us at Jack Miller to get the perfect sized ring today!

Are you in need of custom ring resizing? Stop by Jack Miller Jewelry Designers today to shape your rings to the perfect fit.

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