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Hundreds of designs available next day.

Stuller Inc., located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a fixture in the jewelry industry. A reliable and fast source of parts and material for jewelers, Stuller also provides beautiful finished pieces of jewelry, including some of the finest engagement rings available. Some pieces can be available next day, while most custom design rings require only a few weeks. However, it doesn’t have to be left completely to Stuller. We can order the individual parts and pieces ourselves, and assemble the ring for you.

Stuller 3C Design Process

Endless interactive options for each design

Stuller has an amazingly easy method for customization called “3C,” which means: choose, change, and create. Through their website, we can modify a qualifying ring to match your desires. We can create the ring right before your eyes, choosing the metal type and color, type of gems or diamonds set with it, and some go even more elaborate, allowing you to change the head style from solitaire to halo. Search through their website, and if you find a ring that catches your eye, call us today, and we will help you create and order it.

Stuller Counter Sketch Design Studio

In cooperation with Stuller, we are able to create in 3D design software, more elaborate and expressive custom designs. Working with your input, we are able to construct for you that ring you have always desired, allowing your to see a fully rendered 3D model in all its glory so that you know how it is going to look. Also, this process allows us to give you a price quote right away!

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