I found Jack Miller on Tejon downtown while looking for someone local to reset my wife’s 20th anniversary ring. It’s tough to trust someone with something so valuable and delicate. My wife and I interviewed Jack (along with a half dozen others over a six month period of time) in his shop. He was professional, experienced, he had references and examples of his work, his help was competent and prompt. We trusted him.
Jack listened to what we wanted to accomplish, made a few suggestions and gained our agreement. The old ring we gave him to work with featured three beautiful diamonds in a weak, gold setting. Jack set our expectations for timeframe and price and we left his shop hopeful of the outcome.
A few weeks later we received a call saying the ring was done and letting us know we could come to pick it up. We went to Jack’s shop with high expectations. I couldn’t believe the ring; it was so much more brilliant and so much better showcased than either of us could have imagined. We were blown away. I should have said, “thank you,” or “great job”, but all I could say was, “WOW!”
You have to trust someone with your jewelry and you want a quality product. In Colorado there’s only one Jack Miller. Thank you, Jack. In the words of Dale Carnegie, “you done good!”

BILLY S. September 27, 2016

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