I came to Jack with a rough sketch of a Native American arrow pendant that I wanted to have made. Within ten minutes of sitting down, he had already improved upon my sketch and filled in all the blank spaces that I had in my design. He knew precisely what I wanted, gave me several recommendations to improve on the design, and showed me the perfect stone for the setting. It was such a pleasure to work with someone who is so knowledgeable about their craft! Jack did everything possible to make the necklace look exactly like it did in my imagination, and at an amazing price. Even better was that they finished the necklace two weeks early AND under cost! It looks exactly like a real arrow head that one would find in a museum.
This is a business who cares about the customer, takes pride in their work, and clearly enjoys what they do. I will be coming back to Jack and his team for all of my jewelry needs because it was such a pleasure to work with them.

The best part of all, of course, is that she absolutely loved the necklace and can’t stop talking about it to her friend and family!

JOHNATHAN R. September 27, 2016

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