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Do you have jewelry sitting neglected in your jewelry box because the prongs are worn, or diamonds are missing? Are you looking for a local jewelry or watch repair service that you can trust in Colorado Springs?

Local Jewelry Repair Service Colorado SpringsNo matter how skillfully crafted a watch or piece of jewelry is, over time it will naturally experience wear and tear. The metal will tarnish, dings and scrapes may happen. And you may even lose a stone because the prongs may have become broken or bent. Clasps are delicate and can break.

It is a fact that your watches or pieces of jewelry will require some refurbishment and/or repairing at some point. Jack Miller Jewelry Designers can make your valuable jewelry look like new again with expert local necklace & ring repair and refurbishing service in Colorado Springs.

Here are some of the most common services we as local jewelry and watch repair experts can offer to maintain and/or repair your jewelry, making your old jewelry look as good as new:


Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is wise investment to ensure proper fit. When you wear a ring that is too large, you run the risk of that ring slipping off your finger and getting lost. While if your ring is too small, you will tend to not wear it due to discomfort. Let our team help you find the perfect fit; we specialize in resizing rings of all designs.

Clasps that are Faulty or Broken

When it comes to necklace and bracelet jewelry repair, normally the first component to break is the clasp. This is because the clasp, which is the piece that joins one end to the other, has mobile parts and is therefore prone to wear. This is also the component that endures most of the burden and weight of being pulled and tugged.

There are a variety of types of clasps and at times fixing them may simply require severing the old one off and replacing it with a new clasp. It is possible to repair a clasp at home, butit can be a bit complicated and you will have better results if it is handled by a jewelry repair expert. If a clasp fails or breaks on more than one occasion it is an indicator of a deeper issue with the structure. To fix the issue, other parts may have to be replaced or a different kind of clasp may have to be soldered on. If this is the case with your jewelry, it is important to allow a professional to handle the issue. Our professional necklace repair service will have all of your jewelry properly functioning in no time!

Broken Links

The normal force that chains and bracelets are prone to could weaken the links causing your jewelry to eventually break. Although it can appear to be straightforward, it remains a job that is best performed by a jewelry repair professional. Visit our jewelry repair store in Colorado Springs to see how we can fix your jewelry today.

Worn Down Metal

We commonly see worn down metal in older jewelry, particularly engagement rings and wedding bands that are worn on a regular basis. The friction between the skin and the metal is what causes the metal to wear down and weaken; and the spot that becomes weakened can break. By adding new metal to your jewelry, spots that are worn can be fixed, and this can prevent further damage from occurring. When it comes to this type of jewelry repair, an expert goldsmith is who will perform the job the best. Call today to learn more about our necklace & ring jewelry repair services!

Gem-Setting Prongs that are Worn or Broken

Normally gemstones are held in place by “prongs” or “claws,” and these will wear down and could even break off over time. In this situation, the stone is susceptible to breaking out of its setting; this is especially true if more than one prong is affected. Much as with ring bands that are worn down, in order to build back up the prongs, brand new metal should be added. This kind of jewelry repair service is something that an expert should handle. So call or stop by our jewelry repair shop today!

Watch Repair Service Colorado Springs

Slipped Prongs

It is common for a jewelry prong to slip out of place. This will happen if a jewelry piece has received a physical blow of some kind. In order to bend the prong back into place, the services of a jewelry repair professional are required; a professional will also be able to advise you if any other damage has occurred to your piece.

Jewelry Repair for Lost Stones?

Normally losing a stone from one of your favorite pieces of jewelry can be very disheartening. Lucky for you, this is a problem that a jewelry professional can fix. It can be quite expensive to replace a lost stone; however, most jewelry owners want to preserve a treasured piece and are happy to have the gem replaced. If you find yourself in this situation, visit Jack Miller Jewelry today; your local jewelry repair service provider in Colorado Springs.

Watch Repair Service

We also have a specialist who provides watch repair service. Our full-service jewelry repair shop offers virtually all jewelry repairs, so come by today to talk with one of our professionals to see how we can help.


Jack Miller Jewelry Designers has been working with insurance companies for over 20 years. Their job is to replace or give a fair and honest replacement value of lost or stolen jewelry.

Are you looking for local jewelry and watch repair? Or maybe you're in need of ring resizing? Contact Jack Miller Jewelry in Colorado Springs to schedule a repair appointment today!

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