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I first worked with Jack 23+ years ago when he designed a custom ring for me. Beautiful, durable, exceeded my expectations. Recently I took a white gold diamond ring in and Jack suggested we recut the stone and put it in a yellow gold setting to compliment the color of the stone. Upon replacing the original diamond with a more modern cut it looks like a completely new ring – amazing! Can’t wait to see how the yellow gold ring turns out.


Purchased a ring from Jack Miller, and was pleasantly surprised. He was able to customize the setting, and offer a higher quality diamond for hundreds less than the leading local chain wanted for a similar sized but low color quality diamond.


I found Jack Miller on Tejon downtown while looking for someone local to reset my wife’s 20th anniversary ring. It’s tough to trust someone with something so valuable and delicate. My wife and I interviewed Jack (along with a half dozen others over a six month period of time) in his shop. He was professional, experienced, he had references and examples of his work, his help was competent and prompt. We trusted him.
Jack listened to what we wanted to accomplish, made a few suggestions and gained our agreement. The old ring we gave him to work with featured three beautiful diamonds in a weak, gold setting. Jack set our expectations for timeframe and price and we left his shop hopeful of the outcome.
A few weeks later we received a call saying the ring was done and letting us know we could come to pick it up. We went to Jack’s shop with high expectations. I couldn’t believe the ring; it was so much more brilliant and so much better showcased than either of us could have imagined. We were blown away. I should have said, “thank you,” or “great job”, but all I could say was, “WOW!”
You have to trust someone with your jewelry and you want a quality product. In Colorado there’s only one Jack Miller. Thank you, Jack. In the words of Dale Carnegie, “you done good!”


Jack made our Wedding rings in 2005. We had an idea for what we wanted, but his ideas from other rings in the shop helped to bring the whole thing together. They are square bands which are really unique and stand out much more. We love our rings and I get compliments on it all the time. I am so happy that we went to a local person to help give us that unique look we wanted. I couldn’t be happier.
Also, the quality is amazing. It is a thick sturdy gold band and the shine lasts and lasts. Beautiful.


My wife had a costume jewelry necklace that she loved. It was a horseshoe pendant with “diamonds” (tinfoil paper). The “diamonds” had all fallen out and the chain was turning her neck green. It was clearly time to replace it. So I went to Jack Miller, and he designed one just like it but the real thing: diamonds, platinum, and gorgeous. I surprised her with it, and she wears it every day now. What a beautiful piece of art it is. I am so thankful that I went to Jack Miller Jewelry Designers for a professional and affordable keepsake. Jack is willing to work with anyone on design, value, and price. Jack Miller is our go-to jeweler from now on.


My husband ordered a custom designed engagement ring from Jack Miller Jewelry Designers. It is hands down the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. My then boyfriend knew that I love vintage fashion and that my favorite color is blue. With this limited information about my taste, Jack was able to create a master piece which stole my heart.
The diamond is surrounded by two blue sapphires. The stones are mounted on eloquent white gold band decorated with flower-like engravings. The proportions between the rocks and the decorations are simply perfect. I ordered a wedding band to match the engagement ring with the same engravings and 3 smaller sapphires.
I get a lot of complements about my rings. They are eye catching not because of the size of the bling on them, but because of their elegance. Thank you Jack and team!. My husband got a lot of brownie points for choosing you :).


The team at Jack Miller’s Jewelry shop was welcoming and efficient! I received exactly what I wanted in a renewal of my mother’s ring. They did what they said and on time! Great place to go with confidence that your jewelry is in good hands!


I came to Jack with a rough sketch of a Native American arrow pendant that I wanted to have made. Within ten minutes of sitting down, he had already improved upon my sketch and filled in all the blank spaces that I had in my design. He knew precisely what I wanted, gave me several recommendations to improve on the design, and showed me the perfect stone for the setting. It was such a pleasure to work with someone who is so knowledgeable about their craft! Jack did everything possible to make the necklace look exactly like it did in my imagination, and at an amazing price. Even better was that they finished the necklace two weeks early AND under cost! It looks exactly like a real arrow head that one would find in a museum.
This is a business who cares about the customer, takes pride in their work, and clearly enjoys what they do. I will be coming back to Jack and his team for all of my jewelry needs because it was such a pleasure to work with them.

The best part of all, of course, is that she absolutely loved the necklace and can’t stop talking about it to her friend and family!


My fiance’ proposed on Valentine’s Day, presenting his great grandmother’s ring. It needed repairs badly. One entire side needed to be rebuilt. The band was cracked. We took it to Jack Miller. By hand, they rebuilt this 120 yr old ring. It is absolutely beautiful. He is in the process of making my wedding band designed by my fiance’. Can’t wait to see it! No doubt, Jack Miller is the best.


When my husband decided to get me a ring for our anniversary, I shopped several local jewelry stores. No one understood what I was asking for in a simple design with no stones. Jack and his staff gave me exactly what I wanted after asking a few questions. I felt I was being served by a jeweler rather than sold by a salesperson. It was actually fun and I love my new ring with its beautiful mountain peaks.


I was amazed by Jack and by his staff. I brought in a diamond with wishes to make a beautiful engagement ring. WOW. Jack’s instincts are amazing and he thought about it for 2 minutes before bringing out the perfect ring to fit the diamond to. It was a wondrous experience and I have no doubt she will love it. Now for coming up with the engagement idea……


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