Custom Diamond Pendants

What better way is there to adorn a beautiful neckline than with a beautiful piece of jewelry in the form of a custom diamond pendant?

Diamond Pendants

A custom diamond pendant makes the greatest statement with a unique and classic look all its own. When it comes to choosing the pendant, you should consider the wearer. There are many different diamond pendant designs and shapes to choose from like Asscher cuts or classic round shapes.

One cut will look better for special occasions while another will do for casual wear. Diamond pendants are not just for women. There are plenty of designs that work for men including a u-and-me or heart-and-arrow style. Whichever piece is chosen it is a clear statement of love for the wearer.

Diamonds And Other Stones

Diamond pendants also look great when they are paired up with other precious stones. Adding amethyst, garnets or tourmaline gemstones will make a bolder statement but one that still works for a casual look or a sophisticated one. Both colored stones and diamonds work well together in our custom pendant designs.

Give these gemstone pendants as the perfect gift for any loved one. They are sure to be appreciated and treasured. Imagine the surprise they will feel. They will wear the custom necklace pendant with joy. They will also be happy to experiment wearing the pendant with casual and dressy outfits.

Worried about what to buy someone for the holiday season? Worry no more – choose a custom diamond pendant and you cannot go wrong.

These are brilliant ornamental pieces of jewelry which can be worn all throughout the holiday season and beyond. They are truly the best gifts you can buy. Since the item will be a gift, take your time choosing the chain to go with the pendant. This will make the presentation even more special.

Pear-Shaped Pendant

One of the more common shapes of diamonds for pendants is the pear shape. This is one of the most beautiful, too. It is highly reflective and especially attractive when placed in a vertical setting. The pear shape is excellent for engagement rings, earrings and custom necklaces, too. They work especially well for pendants as they draw the eye along the neckline in an appealing way.

Pendants offer a delicate look, but when paired up with gold chains they are simply stunning. Wear them with a halter-dress to give them even more of a dazzling appearance. The base metal colors combined with complimentary precious stones will form a unique pendant that you can take pride in giving to the wearer as a treasured gift.

Jack Miller Jewelry Designers crafts many different custom diamond pendants. Stop by our store today and we think you’ll be dazzled by the many pendant options we have!

Jack Miller Pagoda Pendant

Amethyst Pendant

folded gold pendant

You can find custom diamond pendant designs and necklaces at Jack Miller Jewelry Designers in Colorado Springs. Contact us today!

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