Jewelry Redesign

The Art of Redesigning Unworn Jewelry

Jack Miller Jewelry Redesign

Are there pieces of fine jewelry in your jewelry box that don’t get much use anymore?

You may have a valuable heirloom with an old style that just doesn’t fit with your current look. The good news is there are plenty of ways to update older pieces through jewelry redesign, restoration, and refurbishing at Jack Miller Jewelry Designers in Colorado Springs.

Heirloom Jewelry

Jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation is often overflowing with sentimental value. Each priceless piece is a symbol of some important milestone in our history or that of our loved ones.

As pieces of your personal history, it is important to us that these pieces maintain their unique sentiment while being cleverly adapted to match your personal style with a thoughtful personalized jewelry redesign.

Proper jewelry redesign combines the vision of the client with the skill and craftsmanship of the jeweler to create a stylish keepsake.

Jewelry Restoration Options

While the cherished memories can last many lifetimes, styles are transient. We can create a more modern image from any piece of jewelry. Whether you hope to get a size larger, a new style, a full restoration we can complete any project without subtracting any intrinsic value from the piece of jewelry.

We are dedicated to protecting your legacy in all our resizing or re-imagining all types of rings.

We have developed a standard process to our jewelry redesign services and will inform you of all your options each step of the way. These options include:

  • Stone resetting
  • Resizing jewelry
  • Setting new stones
  • Setting valuable antique stones in a modern ring design
  • Melting gold to redesign and new piece of jewelry

When it comes to achieving the perfect custom design, we pride ourselves in our capacity for unique works of distinctive quality. If any of our clients hope to transform a piece of jewelry with an outdated fashion into something a bit more exciting, our team of fully-qualified jewelers are dedicated to making their desires a reality.

You can expect your piece to be crafted by fully-accredited goldsmiths with the skill and experience to make your dream a reality in 18K or 14K gold or platinum.

Wedding & Engagement Band Matching

One other service we provide is an expertise for matching wedding rings and engagement rings. Our skilled staff can modify a wedding band or an engagement ring that fits perfectly and completes your wedding ensemble with a matched design.

We Can Help With Personalized Jewelry Ideas

If you have a great idea but just can’t find a good example or draw it out yourself, we can help create a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry. We have computer-generated imagery to create fully realistic designs that are exactly like they will appear when they are completed. None of that sketchy pencil work that is deceptively attractive.

At Jack Miller Jewelry Designers we believe that your jewelry should be an expression of your personal style. A great way to breathe new life into your older pieces is to have your jewelry addressed with a subtle redesign that can improve the look. We will take your ideas and make them real with a fun and easy to understand experience you will never forget.


Do you have a question about jewelry redesign, restoration, or refurbishing? Contact us today to help you give new life to your old jewelry! We’re located in downtown Colorado Springs.

Jewelry Redesign


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