Diamonds. The object of desire for so many. The symbol of love, wealth, beauty. It is found on the heads of Kings and Queens and on the fingers of your average Joe. When we think of jewelry, wedding, engagements, most of us instinctively imagine diamonds.

What is it that is so intriguing about this gemstone? Like the flicker of a flame, the dazzle and sparkle of a diamond are mesmerizing. For generations, women all over will steal a few moments here and there when no one is looking, to stare at the sparkle of the diamond on her finger. Especially with a freshly cleaned and polished ring, it’s hard not to be taken aback at how stunning the diamond looks.

Diamonds are eye-catching in every sense. A symbol of status and beauty for men and women. Those of you born in April, you are the envy of the rest of us as it is the gemstone of your birthday month!

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Nearly all historians state that diamonds were first discovered and used in India in the 4th Century BC. However, diamonds are mentioned in the Torah / Old Testament that dates back a thousand years before that, around 1400 BC. Even though the Hebrew word, yahalom, is interpreted “diamond” and refers to a hard, precious stone, some scholars believe it was probably a rock crystal or other hard stone. For now, we don’t know for sure.

Everyone agrees, however, that the real beginning of the diamond industry/trade started in India when diamonds were discovered in the streams and rivers. At that time, India was the only source and with diamonds being so rare, only a select few heads of state or wealthy aristocrats could possess a diamond. There was even a decree in France that only a king could wear diamonds! (Pretty sure the queen wasn’t too keen on that idea!)

By the 1700’s, diamonds from Brazil emerged and they dominated the diamond market for over 150 years as India’s supply quickly diminished. Since then, diamonds have been discovered all over the world. Most of us associate South Africa with diamonds thanks to De Beers, but the top three sources for diamonds are Botswana, Russia, and Canada. And if you’ve ever wanted to mine for diamonds on your own, pay a visit to the Craters of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Folks have discovered impressive diamonds over the years there!

Star Splinters, Tears of Gods, and other Interesting Facts

In Ancient times, people thought diamonds were the tears of gods or splinters from stars. They even believed that the tip of Cupid’s arrow was made of diamonds! (Perhaps that’s why love and diamonds are associated?)

Diamonds colors include colorless, yellow, pink, blue, red, brown to name a few. Red is the rarest, but the value of a diamond is based on cut, quality, size, and color.

It’s an emblem of invincibility and fearlessness. It represents courage, strength, and victory thus worn by warriors in ancient times.

The use of our sparkly gems in engagement rings became popular during the Renaissance period. Mary of Burgundy was the first lucky lady to receive this extraordinary stone as a gift as an expression of love.

They also represent truth and perfection because of their durable properties. Some folklore teaches these “Star Splinters” are useful for protection from evil spirits or practicalities such as preventing illness or to soothe an upset stomach.

Diamonds are pure carbon formed deep in the earth and brought to the surface through volcanic activity. All natural diamond stones are 1 – 4 billion years old.

Man-made varieties are much more abundant and can only be differentiated from natural diamonds by specialized lab testing.

The Hope Diamond is probably the most well-known diamond, but read here about the most expensive diamonds in the world!


The Greek name for diamond is “adamo” and means to tame or subdue. Sanskrit manuscripts referred to this lovely gemstone as a thunderbolt. Other cultures gave it a name that means “lightning”. So in a sense, a diamond captures and contains the essence, brilliance, fire, and power of lightning.

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Diamonds are powerful and nearly indestructible. Strong enough to protect in battle and cut through any other substance on earth. At the same time, when carefully cut, harnesses the beauty and brilliance of the stars!

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